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Pipeline        AIM Biologicals         AEZS-150        AEZS-130 (Macimorelin)        Macimorelin Dx         

Pipeline        AIM Biologicals         AEZS-150        AEZS-130 (Macimorelin)        Macimorelin Dx         Publications        


Our Commercial and Development Pipeline is Focused on Serving the
Unmet Medical Needs of Patients Across a Range of Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Development Pipeline


Diagnostic Pipeline

Commercial Rights Grapic 10.2023.png

Commercial Rights

1. Sales of Macrilen® (macimorelin) are temporarily discontinued in the United States commercial market for the diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency ("AGHD"), until anticipated re-launch with an alternate commercialization partner. Aeterna has an ongoing effort to identify strategic development and commercialization partner.

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