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AEZS-150 (Delayed Clearance Parathyroid Hormone Fusion Polypeptides DC-PTH)

 Treatment of Chronic Hypoparathyroidism

AEZS-150 (DC-PTH) is the active part of the parathyroid hormone, PTH1-34, linked to a modified version of the growth hormone binding protein (GHBP) with the goal of replacing the PTH activity for one week.

We envision self-administered weekly injections of AEZS-150 to maintain normal serum calcium, phosphate levels, and urinary calcium secretion in patients with hypoparathyroidism. 


  • Progressive metabolic disorder resulting from insufficient secretion of parathyroid hormone

  • Leads to chronic deficiency of calcium in the blood affecting a number of systems including the neuromuscular and cardiovascular

  • Last endocrine disorder where hormone replacement is not standard of care

  • Market opportunity: US: 60,000 and Europe: 70,000¹

  • Expected to be $2.7 billion market by 2028¹

1. DelveInsight 2022 Hypoparathyroidism – Market insight, epidemiology, and market forecast – 2032



Demonstrated Preclinical Efficacy In Vivo

  • Cinacalcet administration rapidly induces classical symptoms of hypoparathyroidism, i.e. reduced plasma calcium level for up to 12-24 h

  • Single treatment with 20 nmol/kg DC-PTH (AEZS-150) at t0h normalizes calcium level at 12 h, effect correlates with plasma exposure

  • Six subsequent treatments of 20 nmol/kg PTH 1-34 (t0-5h) provide only limited improvement of calcium levels

  • The plasma DC-PTH level reaches a maximum after 12 h and demonstrates delayed clearance

AEZS_Calcium PLasma1.png
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