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Our Commercial and Development Pipeline is Focused on Serving
the Unmet Medical Needs of Patients with Rare Endocrine Diseases

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

U.S. FDA approved
European Commission approved

Childhood-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency

Positive results in dose finding studies

announced April 2020

Planned safety and efficacy study
expected to
commence Q2 2021

Pipeline Growth Opportunities

Working towards building a pipeline beyond diagnostics – our goals include:

Exploring Macimorelin
as a Potential


We are evaluating the potential of macimorelin as a therapeutic agent in various indications

Seeking to Activate Opportunities for Other Currently Owned Assets

Strategic review of current assets to identify potential program to activate and advance

Evaluating Potential

Engaging with our extensive network with universities in Europe and U.S. to identify other potential opportunities that build on our extensive knowledge and experience

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